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Quaid-e-azam in Lahore (Urdu Speech)


Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s famous Urdu speech where he said,” Musalman musibat mai ghabrya nahi karte”. Listen carefully to this historic speech which motivated millions of newly emerged nation.

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  1. Muhammad Tayyab says:

    Peyare Qaid aaj ager aap deakh saktea aap ne jes mehnat se ye watan baya  us watan ko zalem hukamranoon ne tabhai kea dahane per la khara kia hia . Qaid ham sharmenda hian……..

  2. Babar_pac says:

    Great Leader…..

  3. Ray Aamir Khan says:

    Great Leader and Even Great Human Being……He is my Roll Model and I am proud.

  4. Bashir2min7 says:

    I love Quaid e azam Pakistan zindabad .Quaide Azm was a great leader 

  5. kevin robert says:

    well this speech is really powerful in lahore awesome beauty of quaid-e-azam
    how to be an actor

  6. Adnan says:

    ey quaid e azaam merey pas koi lafze nahi hai ku kuch kehne key liye bas yahi kahun gal key I LOVE YOU QUAID E AZAAM  PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  7. MAAK says:

    Qaid’s Speach in Urdu in Lahore,

  8. i don’t have much time to say you in detail but i say to you that you are my best hero or character. “I LOVE YOU”

  9. Mansoor Ad. says:

    Allah bless him..

  10. Mohammadfarhanarauf4 says:

    i Love you Baba

  11. Imadtoor says:

    very sad to hear read these words from a muslim name -abdullah meaning servant of Allah.You are son of shaytan who speaks so badly about REHMATULLILALAMIN PROPHET MUHAMMAD peace be upon him.i think you have not read islam and its true message rather carried away by hear say.before saying anything you must read islam and teachings of PROPHET MUHAMMAD peace be upon i leave your matter to GOD to grace you with guidance and tolerance,amin

  12. syed sohail dawood says:

    who the hell r u u so called muslim…..u r not human….u r evil…..u hurt all muslims. u have no rite to live bcz we muslims never forgive those people who insult Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H)….this world is created by ALLAH Subhana-utallah just bcz of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H)

  13. GG says:

    Dude get your facts straight

  14. GG says:

    This was for Abdullah

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